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About us

The Allrus Mashinenhandels GmbH - founded in 1994 - is the leader in the selection and supply of imported pumping equipment in the markets of CIS countries.  


Developing organically over the past 30 years, Allrus MH Gmbh has become a major regional player, covering all customer needs for pumping equipment.

Through our head office in Austria we effectively cooperate with customers from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Today the international firm CIRCOR Pumping Technologies (until 2017 - Colfax Fluid Handling), a global conglomerate of subsidiary firms that manufacture pumps; including ALLWEILER (Germany), HOUTTUIN (Holland), IMO (Sweden), IMO (USA), ALLWEILER INDIA (India) in addition to ALLWEILER GmbH itself, is further expanding its operations throughout the CIS countries. Our firm is committed to compounding our sales revenue and to upgrading our service support system to even better serve the needs of our loyal customers throughout the CIS.

One measure of our ongoing commitment to serving the CIS market has been an increase every year in the sale and supply of CIRCOR /ALLWEILER pumps to enterprises throughout the former Soviet Union. Our products are purchased by chemical, energy, oil and gas companies, metallurgical, ship construction and paper manufacturing firms, as well as by companies specializing in food and beverage production. We have also greatly expanded the sale of our pumps, an indispensable element in the maintenance of sewage disposal systems, to municipal and regional governments. 

Thanks to the global reach of Circor / ALLWEILER, Allrus Maschinenhandels Gmbh is the only pump distributor able to offer industrial firms and governmental entities in the CIS the opportunity to purchase every type of pump available in the world, including, for example, centrifugal, two- and three- spindle screw, progressive cavity, propeller, peristaltic, drum, container, diaphragm pumps. We are confident customers will be gratified by our low prices, advantageous payment terms, performance guarantees and support services.

For more information on pumping equipment supplied by the Allrus  Maschinenhandels GmbH, please visit the following sites: 




Aftersales service

The absolute advantage of the Allrus Maschinenhandels GmbH is the availability of its own after-sales service (installation, starting-up and adjustment, put into operation, warranty, after-sales service, ordering and delivery of spare parts). Our customers can be sure that experienced AllrusMH engineers will provide comprehensive assistance in the shortest possible time in resolving the request regarding warranty and post-warranty service.

Allrus Maschinenhandels GmbH – a leading supplier of pumping equipment to the CIS.    

Our address
ALLRUS Maschinenhandels GmbH, Campus 21, Brunn am Gebirge / Austria

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